This exciting new addition the DLE range of engines is designed to replace .90-1.20 methanol engines. It has the renowned reliability of the DLE engines and provides excellent power to weight. Very economical to run and maintain. Forget the expensive methanol engines that require nitro and glow plugs. This engine will reduce your running cost to about 20% of the methanol burners. No more slime on your model.
2.5Hp - 9000rpm
Bore x Stroke: 32x25
Static thrust: 6kg
Spark plug: CM-6 equivalent
Props: 14x10, 15x8, 16x6, 16x8, 17x6
Crankshaft thread: M8 x 1.0
Weight: Engine - 650g
             Exhaust - 50g
             CDI - 120g
Engine comes with CDI, muffler & spark plug

Revs when new 8400 using an APC 16x8
                        8300 using a 17x6 Hawk wood prop
Every engine test run for 30 min to set tuning and for quality assurance
$340  Price includes free post and an RCEXL OPTO KILL SWITCH
Aluminium Engine Mount
Aluminium engine mount to suit the DLE20 engines. It has Viton rubber inserts to remove the harmful vibrations from the engine. Mounts are slotted to accept the engine mount bolts in any position, making it easy to get the engine in the correct position from the firewall
$32  Sold Out
DLE20 Dome Spinner