Onboard Electric Starter

Onboard electric starter for EME35-55-60, DLE55, DL50 and any other engines using the same mounting pattern.
Uses a 2200mah 3S 35C Lipo battery, not supplied with the kit. The starter switch connects with your Rx on any channel with a toggle switch. The onboard starter saves fingers or hands being close to the prop when starting. Just simply flick a switch and your engine bursts into life. Very cool.
Operating voltage: 11.1v 2500mah 35C Lipo
Total weight: 540g

50-55-60 size $179 
30-35 size $162 
  Also fits the DLE30 engine

We use and recommend Wurth HHS 5000 oil for lubricating the gears

Engine Size
Rcexl 100A switch for the starter

Switch Size