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We use and recommend Hawk C-1 profile wood propellers for all high performance applications.
             Hawk propellers are becoming known worldwide as the propeller of choice.
            They consistently outperform the more expensive wood props available today.
             We only sell the C-1 Scimitar high performance profile.
             If you have a noise problem then these props will reduce your noise 

             Props can be drilled at customers request
free of charge
Hawk Type C-1
16x8    $14 
17x6    $16
18x6    $18
18x8    $18
Use Beechwood 3D 18A below
18x10  $19
19x10  $20
21x8    $24
22x8    $26 
Use Beechwood 3D 22A Below
22x10  $26 
23x8    $28 
Sold Out Use Beechwood 3D 23A below
23x10  $28  Use Beechwood 3D 23B below
24x8    $30  Sold Out

Select sizes from drop down list
Beechwood 3D Propellers
CNC machined from German Beechwood. Excellent propellers. Very quiet with very good performance.
A size is equivalent to 8" pitch. B size equivalent to 10" pitch. The same shape as the Hawk Type C-1

17A  $17
18A  $18 
19A  $20
20A  $24
22A  $26
23A  $28 Sold Out
23B  $28
24B  $30
25B  $32
26A  $34
26B  $34
27A  $36

Sizes 17-25"
SIZES 26-27"
Biela carbon fibre props. 3 blade
Biela Carbon Fiber 3 blade props are manufatured in Poland. They feature hollow blades and a solid hub. Factory balanced

16X10 30-35cc $78
White with red tips  Sold Out
17x10 35cc $85   Sold Out
20x10 50-55cc $115  White with red tips Sold Out
21x10 60cc $120